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Shkai’ra Chiefkin
Painting - Shkai'ra Chiefkin
Cover - Sheepfarmer's Daughter
This image was produced in its original form in 1981 during a four-day marathon painting session as the cover for the science fiction and fantasy magazine Miriad #6. In that issue the first of three parts of the short story Snowbrother by Steve Stirling was published; it was later expanded into his first novel. This painting was produced to portray the main character — a female leader of a warrior band.
Indent: dot clear gifYears later this painting attracted the eye of Baen Books who asked me to modify the heraldic imagery so that they could use it as the cover of the first book in The Deed of Paksenarrion trilogy by author Elizabeth Moon, Sheepfarmer's Daughter published in 1988. The orignial painting has been sold by then so I had a large photogaphic print made and I made the required modifications on that in oil paint. The series is about a young farm-girl who leaves home to embark upon a quest to become a paladin warrior.
Indent: dot clear gif The painting is acrylic on artboard. The original heraldic symbols were a skull and crossed red lighting bolts on a black field; the revised heraldry depicted a fox on a purple field.

Image copyright © 1981, 1988 & 2010 by Kevin Davies. All rights reserved.

Original Painting:
The original painting was sold to a private collector at the World Science Fiction Collection in 1983.

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