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When producing an editorial illustration I seek to establish an emotional and intellectual connection with the viewer.
If I can get them wondering what event is taking place and why, or trying to imagine what might happen next, the image is a success.

Much of my earliest experience as an illustrator was gained by showing and selling in art shows at science fiction and media conventions throughout the United States and Canada. I began co-publishing, art directing, and illustrating for Miriad, a science fiction news, reviews, and interviews magazine.
Indent: dot clear gifFrom there I went on to produce book covers and interior images for
Dark Harvest, Baen Books, magazine covers for Dragon, Dungeon, Adventures Unlimited, Borderland, The Familiar, Scream Factory, Scrye, and comic covers for First Comics and Warp Graphics/Apple Comics.
Indent: dot clear gifOther illustration work I’ve produced includes animation background layouts and design on The Care Bear Movie, and the Ewoks and Droids cartoons for Saturday morning television.
Indent: dot clear gifIn 1985 I illustrated and co-wrote (with Steve Stirling), a ten-part comic series:
A Hero Named Harold, published by Warp Graphics/Apple Comics.
Recent illustration assignments for game companies include On the Edge, the collector card game from Atlas Games and the humorous roleplay games Murphy's World and Bob, Lord of Evil by Peregrine (my own game design company).

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Painting - The Vanquished Cavalier Painting - Shkai'ra Chiefkin Painting - The Winter Paladin Painting - Leviathan
The Vanquished Cavalier Shkai'ra Chiefkin Winter Paladin Leviathan
Painting - Kommanza Warriors Painting - Imvoking the Elemental Flame Painting - Victorious
Kommanza Warriors
Invoking the Elemental Flame Victorious
Painting - Silver Scream Painting - Nagasaki Nightmare Painting - Confrontation
Silver Scream Nagasaki Nightmare Confrontation
Painting - Sensei - 1 Painting - Sensei - 2 Painting - Sensei - 3 Painting - Sensei - 4
Sensei - Issue 1 Sensei - Issue 2 Sensei - Issue 3 Sensei - Issue 4
Painting - Draka Attack Painting - Serpent Mistress
Draka Attack Serpent Mistress
Painting - Pulp Peril Painting - Murphy's World Painting - Bob, Lord of Evil Painting - Bear Trapped
Pulp Peril Murphy's World Bob, Lord of Evil Bear Trapped

All images copyright ©1980 to 2011 by Kevin Davies. All rights reserved.

Original Paintings:
The original paintings for some of the images shown above are available for purchase. Serious inquiries and purchase offers are welcome.

Photo Prints are available for most images shown above:
Professional quality photographic prints in a wide assortment of sizes, plus mounted prints, framed prints, mugs, mousepads, buttons, magnets, and more items can be obtained online at: www.deviantart.com/kevindavies.
Please be advised that the colors of a print reproduction may not exactly match the colors of an image as depicted on a monitor screen, due to the various digital and/or photo-mechanical processes involved in producing it.

Reproduction Rights are available for most images shown above:
I can supply a hi-res digital file on CD; I can scale to a specific size and save as RGB, CMYK, and tif, eps, psd, pdf, as desired.

Illustration Commissions and Graphic Design Assignments:
I am always willing to consider new illustration commissions and graphic design assignments. Please contact me to discuss the details.

For more information please contact Kevin Davies:

by email: webmail@kevindavies.com

by phone:

Kevin Davies
40 Seymour Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M4J 3T4, Canada

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