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Drawing - The Book of Ned
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A Never Ending Story
My entertainment writing experience is varied and includes concept creation and development of rules, adventures, narrative and descriptive text for games (roleplay, miniatures, card and board games), a comic book series (A Hero Named Harold), plus magazine articles including film reviews, interviews, analysis and commentary (speculative ficton, media and game magazines).
Cover - Miriad 6
Cover - Murphy's World
I've also written a number of original songs in a variety of genres and subject material including folk and rock; romantic, historical, humorous, political, etc.
I'm drawn to this type of writing because I enjoy telling stories; I've always been fascinated with storytelling media, whether it's books, comics, games or film. It is my intention to produce more work of this type in the years to come.

Drawing - Surveyor
Writing, Game Design, Illustration & Graphic Design Assignments
I am always seeking new commissions and assignments. Please contact me to discuss the details.

Kevin Davies
email: webmail@kevindavies.com
phone: (416) 461-9884
mail: 40 Seymour Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M4J 3T4.

I am seeking employment or a long-term contract as a Game Designer, Writer and/or Concept Artist. To view my Résumé as a pdf please click here.

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