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Natural Environment Recovery Inc.
This two-color brochure was created to showcase the talents of a small hi-tech company offering a ‘green technology’ solution for the treatment of industrial sites contaminated with toxic chemicals.

Design, Writing, Photography, Layout & Production
I began by interviewing the clients, using the opportunity to let them tell their story in their own words — so that I might have material for pull quotes.
Our discussion also helped me to better understand their technological process and business operations
to while gleaning from them the impact they would like finished the brochure to have upon the reader; information I like to have before I begin any commercial design or writing project.
Then, having watched the body language of the clients during our discussion, I shot the photography to be used for the brochure (the industrial shots on the third spread were provided by the clients).

Logo Design
To brochure was part of an overall plan to establish a corporate image for the company. I was also required to produce a logo that would be used for business cards, stationary, and the back of the brochure (see below).

Logo - NER Inc.
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Brochure - NER Inc. -1
Brochure - NER Inc. - 2
Brochure - NER Inc. - 3
Brochure - NER Inc. - 4
Brochure - NER Inc. - 5

SuperFitness Health Club
Brochure - SuperFitness 1
Brochure - SuperFitness 2
I became involved in the promotional campaign for the relaunch of a newly renovated SuperFitness health club, helping to plan and manage a weekend-long membership-drive event that included an on-site broadcast from two local radio stations (AM and FM).
My tasks included writing a radio ad, writing and creating multiple images for a static-image TV ad, writing and producing a club newsletter, hiring a live blues band, arranging for the on-site radio broadcasts, catering, and sponsors to provide prizes, and creating a brochure to promote the health club that was distributed by direct-mail; we called it a SuperBook because it included a coupon book for the health club and other retailer-sponsors from the area that we had brought on board in the weeks prior to the event.
The client wanted the brochure to make the club appear friendly, affordable, and a quality facility, while opting to save money the SuperBook was produced as a two-color duotone job. My task was to make the most of it within the imposed restraints.

Design, Writing, Photography & Production
The first step in the design process was to tour the facility while listening to the club owner and staff discuss the investments made for the renovation and the existing culture of the club created by its members. Next, I scheduled a photo shoot and took pictures of the staff and facility prior to morning opening and then, once the club opened, I quickly staged and shot photos of club members using the new equipment. A few extra images that were required to fill out my design were taken from existing club images and stock photography.
Once I had the elements I needed, I produced a rough dummy of the brochure and wrote the text. When the dummy was approved by the client, I completed required Photoshop work, then finished the layout and prepared the SuperBook for printing. Some spreads from the SuperBook are provided below.

Mentor Business Services
Brochure - MBS - 1 Brochure - MBS - 2
Brochure - MBS - 3 Brochure - MBS - 4
The client who commissioned this brochure, Mentor Business Services, is engaged in marketing an assortment of business services to entrepreneurs in the gay community.

Concept, Graphic Design, Writing, Logo Design, Layout & Production
The client’s objective in producing this brochure was to get the attention of potential customers and have them take note of a new offering of useful services. This was achieved by producing a large (11x17, 3-fold), 4-color brochure on heavy stock, with one, clearly defined message presented on each page.
I proposed the use of a window metaphor, representing a marketing opportunity for the prospective client, as well as a general suggestion of openness to new concepts. The client wanted to see a bold use of color, taking advantage of the rainbow concept, popular in the gay community — this was incorporated into the MBS logo design, reflected in the open window on the cover, and in the heading and text box background colors for the descriptions of available business services, presented in the center-spread of the brochure. The serif-font used for the main heads offers a sense of style and sophistication, while the sub-heads and body text employ a modern, engaging, sans-serif font.

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