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The Design Process
My approach to every design assignment typically begins with an effort to discover the needs and desires of the client, along with any limitations imposed by the budget, the marketplace, and the client's personal taste. This may include conducting research into products and marketing materials from competitors and similar to those of the client.

Client Communications
Some clients have a clear idea of the end result they are seeking, while others begin the process with only a vague ‘sense’ of what they want the design to achieve. Once I have an understanding of the client’s situation I’ll take the appropriate approach to help the client communicate their ideas and wishes to me.
Where the client is unable to clearly articulate the type of design they are seeking, before producing any concepts, in addition to discussing the various aspects of the project in greater detail, I may also sit with them and conduct a simple visual exercise to better enable them to express their wishes.
I’ll select from my extensive image library an assortment of designs that contain one or more elements that might contribute toward a solution for the project. Any image that includes an element that appeals to the client in a way that is relevant to the current project is placed aside to be reviewed again, using it as a discussion point to glean additional information from the client about their taste and desires for the project.

Concept Creation
Once I've acquired as much relevant information as possible I'll produce an assortment of thumbnail sketches on paper exploring various ideas and appropriate design elements. Occasionally I'll hone my vision further by choosing various elements from my thumbnails to combine into more detailed sketches.
Finally, I'll produce one to three (sometimes more) varied concepts for the client to review using desktop publishing software; depending upon the circumstances, the concepts are either presented in person or emailed as pdf files. Typically one concept is my proposed 'best solution' for the project, a second represents a 'design risk' for the client (based on our previous conversations), while the third is 'design safe' with respect to the client.

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Producing the Final Design
While it is great when the client picks one of the presented concepts without requesting any changes, I usually expect and in fact encourage the client to pick elements that they like from each concept — along with any other ideas we discuss — which I will then combine into a final design.
Once the final design is produced, the client is permitted one more round of review and alterations; once these are completed and the client signs off, the project is finished.
Depending upon the client, either they will then handle the printing or I'll begin the process of obtaining printing quotes and overseeing the printing of the project.

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I am always seeking new commissions and assignments. Please contact me to discuss the details.

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