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I’ve been working as a professional Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Photographer, Writer and Production Artist, since 1980. During most of that time I’ve been a freelance. This has enabled me to experience a wide variety of work assignments, procedures, and practices, while forcing me to maintain and grow my skills in order to remain current and competitive in the industry.

The Early Years
I began work as a traditional Typesetter and Mechanical Layout Artist pasting up stats and type with rubber cement and wax-glue, spotting and stripping film, and exposing plates for short-run offset and silk-screen presses.
When designing layouts and storyboards I used a pencil and markers — I am proficient at producing attractive images with markers.
My illustration talent enabled me to gain freelance work producing book cover paintings for US publishers in the SF, Fantasy & Horror genres. I also provided designs for text layouts and logo-type for specific projects. My published illustration allowed me to be hired as a Background Layout Artist (and later as an Element Designer) on
The Care Bear Movie, and the Ewoks and Droids cartoons for Saturday morning television, at Nelvana.
I briefly served as Art Director for
Electronics Today magazine, producing a new re-design of the publication and a logo for a new magazine, Computing Now!

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Mac Computer Design
When Apple produced the Macintosh computer I quit a job I had as a Mechanical Draftsman to work as a Graphic Designer at an ad agency in an effort to gain experience producing work with computers. I quickly acquired a passable skill in all the software used in design and production and then purchased my first Mac.
Since 1990 I’ve produced work for most types of advertising and marketing materials including: ads (print: magazine and newspaper; web: banner; radio: text writing; TV: static with voice-over), package design, direct mail, books, games, magazines, annual reports, brochures, newsletters, corporate communications, stationary and business cards, websites, slide presentations. I’ve worked for most industry types including: service providers, retailers, home builders, food, vehicles, dry goods and industrial manufacturers, and event promotions. In the role of Art Director, I redesigned the appearance of
Scrye, a trading card game magazine.

Other Projects
As a sideline, in 1985–1986 I illustrated and wrote — with co-author Steve Stirling — a comic book series: A Hero Named Harold, published by Warp Graphics/Apple Comics in an anthology comic book called Fanta-Sci.
In 1993 I established a game design company, Peregrine, publishing three games:
Murphy’s World, Bob, Lord of Evil, GRIT Multigenre Miniatures Rules, and a miniatures supplement, Adventure Areas. I produced most of the illustrations, graphics, and writing for these products while also serving as Art Director and Editor.

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Design, Writing, Illustration &
Production Assignments
I am always seeking new commissions and assignments. Please contact me to discuss the details.

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